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About Branch

The Akola Branch was formed in December 2003 with 100 plus members . The Total Members-at present : 600 plus , The Total No. of Students- at present are 2500 around.
  • Conducts seminars, work shops for members as well as students on different subjects of the professional interest
  • Organizes residential Refresher course for members
  • Organizes activities with Tax as well as different departments to have cordial relationship with them
  • Conducts Orientation Programs regularly for Students
  • Conducts General Management & Communication Programs I & II regularly for students
  • Conducts Information System Audit Course for Members regularly
  • Make representation to various Departments in the interest on profession
  • Publication of monthly newsletter of the branch for updation of knowledge
  • Regular updation of website of the branch
  • Keep almost all the important publications of ICAI as well as WIRC for distribution to members as well as students
  • Undertakes social responsibilities by organizing blood donation camp as well as tree plantation every year
  • Organizes sports activities for the members as well as for the students

  • Branch Office Building Details : ad measuring 10,000/- Sq. Fts
  • Auditorium Details : State of Art having capacity of 148 persons and expandable to 175 persons
  • ITT Lab Details : having capacity 48 latest computers
  • Two class rooms, reading room, board room, administrative office, chairman’s cabin, guest room, etc.